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Southern Cross Camping

Welcome in these trying times, where we are not really sure about tomorrow. But enough about that, in the end we make our own luck and our own future.

Hence we left the corporate life and started our journey.

As the title states we created Southern Cross Camping and we opened in December 2017. Whilst camping is a difficult business to get into because of the competition from the category killers around, you can still find in some cases bricks & mortar stores trading away in their local suburbs. These are the real backbone of the industry where you can find that little camping trinket your dad use pull out of nowhere and start using it.

We decided to work online and tour with the the caravan & camping show circuit for our first couple of years which I have to say was invigorating to get out of an office.

We decided to specialise on a couple of products moving forward which we thought could make a difference and also offer the best solution. campers.

These 2 products were the highly reliable Outback Portable Camping Shower better known as a Water Heater and Recycled Camping Mats.

One of the great things about the Outback camping shower was getting to set it up and demonstrate it nearly every weekend and of course use it while we were on the road. That’s the one thing we insist on, using everything we sell so we know it works and the quality is what it says it is.

Imagine travelling for 18 months and doing a show nearly every weekend, setting up and turning the hot water system on and off hundreds of times each day for three days a week. What struck me about the Outback Water Heater was instantaneous hot water and the reliability each time I turned it on. Did we sometimes have issues, yes but it could always be traced back to operator error.

Imagine going camping and being able to use a minimum of 2 litres per minute for shower and even keep the wife happy. Given the Outback can get as hot as 50 degrees celsius (which you can see on the digital dial) it has many ,multiple uses.

From a personal shower, horse washing, dog washing, remote worksites even use it by the pool. That’s the real thing about water heaters you can use mains water pressure or you can use water out of a creek, river or a bucket. The thing is you get to decide where and when you have a shower.

Another great feature of the Outback is that you get a dual outlet fitting which can let you set up your shower and also run hot water to camp kitchen or the camper trailer.

Enough of that for now.

Our website is www. for your camping needs. I am currently loading more lines on to the website as we expand so it will grow over the next fews week.

Next time I’ll talk about some tips on looking after your water heater whatever brand. We don’t care about the water heater you own we just want to educate people on the safe use and maintenance of their own water heater.

Make the time to get out there and camp.

Until next time, stay safe.


Southern Cross Camping

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