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Need some help in choosing the best camping hot water system for your needs? Best of all It is FREIGHT FREE.

The Country Comfort hot water system is available in various packages - but it can be tough trying to work out the best camping hot water system for your needs.

The first step is to consider how you are most likely to use it. Whether you are keen to stop for a hot shower on the dusty trail, want to wash up without boiling the billy, or have a large family that likes to shower morning, noon and night, we can guide you to the most appropriate package.

If you have your water close go the Essential.

If your water is up to 20 metres away "The Ultimate" is your go.

If you are 30 - 50 metres away from your water source "The Deluxe or The Supreme package will get the job done for you".

And you're certainly not limited to using the Country Comfort system just for camping. They are also popular as a portable horse hot wash and for around the pool.

Remember, we are here to help if you aren't sure about the best camping hot water systems for your needs,

Just give us a call on 0417 714 267, or send a message via our Contact page here on the website.

What's included?

5 Years WarrantyHot Water SystemHot Water SystemHot Water SystemHot Water System
Outback Hot Water System with Stainless Steel Face Plate
Pressure Pump4.3lpm 35psi4.3lpm 35psi12.5lpm 40psi12.5lpm 40psi
Multi-function shower head
Chrome Hose1 pc.2 pcs.1 pc.2 pcs.
Digital display screen for adjusting temperature and easy diagnostics
Newly designed, commercial-grade heat exchanger for optimum durability
Fully approved LPG hose and regulator
Compact design at only 440x300x140mm
Easy drainage for freezing conditions
Shower Spray
Dual Outlet
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